(02/13/2012 to 02/15/2022)

Our sweet Ducky Doodle

How do I put nearly ten years of unconditional love into a few sentences? From the first time I worked with you at the shelter, you wrapped my heart around your paws. Little did I know then that you would become my heart dog and Daddy’s little princess.

When the shelter put you on the super urgent list, I knew you were meant to be with us. You had turned our world upside-down and sideways the weekend we fostered you. When your first adopters returned you, I knew they didn’t understand you like I did. I had to make sure you got the loving home you deserved. I’m so deeply grateful that Susan B. convinced me that ours was that home!

Over the years you’ve been my little protector, my constant companion, my helper, my soulmate, and my heart dog. You’ve been Daddy’s little princess and dinner plate cleaner. You’ve been our squirrel chaser and watch dog. And you’ve helped us heal when we had to say goodbye to Callie, Shadow, Radar, and Bogie. Who’s going to help us heal now?

Run Free with your older sisters, Radar, and Bogie. We will always love you and forever miss you, Ducky Doodle.