Est. 08/12 to 12/07/19

Happy Boy!

This dear, sweet Golden Boy was with us for such a short time (just over two months). Yet, he loved us all as though he’d been with us his entire life. And we loved him. We will always love him, as we do his sisters who came and went ahead of him.

He connected with hubby instantly. From the moment he first saw Sam, he did a Snoopy Happy Dance. He instinctively knew when he was needed for therapeutic pets, rubs, or just quiet moments sitting side by side.

He knew, too, when I needed a Golden hug. He would stand next to me while I was filling his water bowl and lean into me while I rubbed his neck with my free hand. Or, he’d let me take a “selfie” of the two of us with my phone.

And last but certainly not least, he loved his smaller but slightly older sister. Radar and Ducky were best friends from the moment they met. The rescue group people knew what they were doing when they matched us up with this boy.