Friday Fun

This heat and humidity is horrible today! So bad that even Shadow – who loves being outside – couldn’t wait to come back inside after relieving herself.

Ducky’s at daycare today, so we had some “just me and my Shadow” time. So glad Shadow loves this game. It’s perfect for when she’s on leash restriction like she is now. I do all the work and she doesn’t have to move.

As long as Shadow’s happy, I’m happy. Right now she’s napping. In about 20 minutes I have to leave to pick Ducky up at daycare. 

What kind of games do you play with your dog(s) when they have to remain relatively quiet?  

Have a great weekend everyone! 

Shame On Me

Yes, I’m shaming myself. Let me tell you about it…

Yesterday, Ducky and I went over to the little dog park near our house to meet up with Casper and his mama.

As it turned out, the place was crowded – it was a warm, sunny day – and all the strangers around were overwhelming for Ducky’s anxieties. 

When Kayla and her hubby arrived and she got out of the car, Ducky started barking at her. She was wagging her tail tentatively. It was as though she wasn’t sure if this was truly her friend or not. 

Then Kayla got Casper out of the car. And instant recognition. After a super-happy, tail-wagging greeting between the pups, Ducky went to Kayla and put her front paws on Kayla’s knees and was rewarded with a big, loving, hello rub. I could see the joy in Ducky’s greeting.

After the greeting was over with, we decided to come back to my house for the pups to play in the ballfield across the street. But when we got here, the field was drenched in hot sun. 

So, we came around to the shady back yard. I had the hubby come out to get my wallet and keys – and to meet Kayla and her hubby – and then unlock the gate. He brought Shadow out, too. Brad left to go visit his grandmother while we girls chatted and watched the pups play.

Well, Casper played “hard to get” and my girls played. A few times all three of them ran the fence with both neighbors’ dogs. And chased each other along the fence line. Poor Shadow had a hard time keeping up with the youngsters, but she tried her hardest.

The whole time we were out here, both Kayla and I had our phones handy. And here comes the shaming part. Neither one of us thought to take even one picture!  

So, here’s a picture of Shadow and Ducky….

 Both girls were wiped out last night. And this morning. I bet Casper was too. Zzzzzz

That’s okay. Hopefully, the pups will have more play dates in the near future. (Kayla no longer works at Ducky’s daycare.) And we two hu-moms will be able to take pictures of our furry children playing together. 🙂