Bogie’s Must-Have Morning Routine

Over the last few weeks, Bogie and I have started a morning routine. A must-have for both of us.

Every morning after Bogie, Ducky and I come in from their first bathroom break of the day – and after I make the coffee and pour my first mug – I find Bogie waiting for me in the living room. He wants his morning cuddle/snuggle session with mama.

Fast asleep with his head on my leg.
Ahhhh, this is the life!
Ooooh! Scratch right there, Mama!

Bogie loves his Daddy, too; but since I’m the one who normally takes him (and Ducky) out first thing, I’m the one who’s blessed with this boy’s morning kisses. ❀️

Just to prove Bogie loves his Daddy too, here’s a photo I took a few minutes ago….

Bogie sharing Daddy’s chair.

It’s hard for Bogie to get up in the chair with hubby because hubby takes up more space than I do; but they manage long enough for me to get a photo.

Sleepy Sunday

Such a sweet sight – you can’t really see Ducky’s face because her head is right next to Radar’s back.

We had a stressful day yesterday. After two full days of almost perfect behavior around her Uncle Doug, yesterday Ducky was grumpy and vociferous all day. Yet, she didn’t take it out on Radar like she used to do to poor Shadow at times. She even let him chew on her Nylabones. She never let Shadow do that.

Anyway, her loud grumpiness made hubby grumpier, and his louder grumpiness made me “testy“. Not a good day. My brother – bless him! – stayed in my office most of the day working on my computer. Smart man!!

Anyway, Ducky woke hubby and me before 5 am this morning – barking, crying, and whining – not really surprising considering she doesn’t like being closed in her crate, especially if I’m not nearby. But she had slept quietly in her crate all of the two nights before. I came out to the living room to calm her down, but five minutes later she was complaining again. So I grabbed my pillows and a blanket and came out to sleep on the couch. But even opening the crate didn’t settle the little princess. And I just gave up on the idea of going back to sleep. I got dressed, grabbed my jacket and the flashlight, and took her out to the back yard. She did her business and we came back inside. But she still wouldn’t settle down. And Radar started getting “antsy” in his crate, so I opened his crate too. Then we all made two more trips out to the yard (about ten minutes apart).

Finally! Peace and quiet, and an end to Ducky’s earlier restlessness. I was – of course – wide awake after three trips out to the sloppy, rain-saturated, back yard; but my dogs settled down in close proximity to each other. It was when I looked up from my reading – I was catching up on some blog posts – that I saw the image I captured in the first photo. Now look at them.

And here I sit, still over-tired, groggy, and on my second cup of coffee. I’m going to have to keep a watchful eye on Ducky today. Normally she’s not grumpy, just demanding. If she’s back to her normal self today, I won’t worry; but if she’s grumpy again, I’ll call the vet tomorrow morning. When this little girl is grumpy, it’s normally something physical making her that way. And hubby’s impatience doesn’t help, either. Maybe she just needs more “Mom and Me” time.

Oh well, the sun is trying to come out from between the clouds, so maybe we’ll have a brighter day. Happy Sunday Everyone!

This and That

Yesterday we had a new roof put on the house. Remember that hail storm we had in early March? Well, the insurance company agreed to pay for the bulk of it, so might as well. I just hope we don’t have to deal with another one for a LONG time! The roofer called us on Tuesday night to tell us the guys would be here at 8 o’clock Wednesday. Early, but doable. They showed up at 7:15, before I was even finished getting dressed! Ducky started freaking out, Shadow started attaching herself to my leg, and the dog-daddy woke up pi**ed off. I had to get Ducky’s breakfast prepared and back in the can and ready to take to daycare with us. I had to put her on her leash just for her first potty break. I was not happy. Anyway, after finishing my bathroom routine, I took Ducky and her breakfast down to daycare.  She, at least had a good day.

When I got home, I sent the dog-daddy to Chick-Fil-A for some take-out breakfast and tried to feed Shadow. She wouldn’t touch even one morsel, poor old girl. Can’t say as I blame her. All the pounding overhead was giving me a headache. When hubby got home with our breakfast, we all sat down in the living room and tried to eat. After that, I decided the only way Shadow was going to relax was to play out in the yard. So, we spent the rest of the morning enjoying “Mom and Me” time. Playing ball, keep-away, and chase; and taking selfies and other pix. Here are some of them….

So, had it not been for the time Shadow and I spent together yesterday, I’d be saying “totally glad yesterday is over”. Instead, I’m just saying “glad the roof job is done!” 😊

So that’s the “that” part of the title. The “this” part is that things are back to normal around here. Ducky and Shadow are napping after an hour plus of play time out back; the tv news is on (and on and on); and…

I just received my grade for my third test: 99%! This is “cool” stuff! It’s not as gut-wrenching as I half-expected. It’s actually pretty interesting. And, while it may not be everyone’s proverbial cup of tea, I’m finding it helpful in my quest to not be quite so paranoid about every little thing that befalls my pups – especially Shadow. And, it’s helping me realize that hubby and I really did do everything we possibly could for Callie, and Kissy, at the end of their time here on earth. It has also given me a new appreciation for the folks who work for our vet. Their job is not an easy one – I was never under the illusion that it was – but the veterinary assistant’s job is multifaceted and stressful, just as are the vet tech’s and vet’s jobs.