Happy Anniversary Sam

Today is our 29th Wedding Anniversary. Right now we should be enjoying our morning hug and first cup of coffee. We ought to be enjoying it together. We ought to be looking forward to celebrating with our dinner at Schwaben House later on, sharing our joy with Annette and Giorgio and the staff as we have for the last several years.

I miss you so much! I hear our favorite songs and they start the tears flowing. Or I go into Publix and avoid the ice cream shelves in the frozen food section – especially the Haagen Dasz bars that we always enjoyed together.

I never used to mind living without another human, as long as I had a canine companion. Now, after all our years together, I feel so empty and alone at times. Zen and Zoey are so sweet, and such good company … they make me smile and laugh and at times yell in frustration … but they’re not you. While you were in the hospital I could at least cling to the hope that a miracle would make you whole again and able to come home.

Sam, I know you’re up there in Heaven watching over me. You’re my Guardian Angel now; and along with Callie, Shadow, Ducky, Radar, and Bogie, you’re also watching over Zen and Zoey for me. I try to be my old cheerful, optimistic, sometimes silly self because I know that’s what you would want to see me being. Out in public I usually am. Here at home is another story.

I love you, Sam. I always have loved you. Our little squabbles and arguments were just that because we were soulmates from the start. Our connection goes much deeper than just our hearts. It joins our souls, and even though you’re not here physically, I know your spirit is here with me. I just miss our physical togetherness, our “us”, being able to feel your hand in mine or your arms around my waist. I know you whisper in Zen’s ear sometimes because he’ll stand on his hind legs and put his front legs against my chest and paws on my shoulders and give me a hug and a slobbery kiss. Don’t ever stop, please. I need those Zen hugs!

Zen Hugs

Happy Anniversary Sam! Have I Told You Lately that I love you, that there’s no one else above you? That was our wedding song and it will always be our song. I will miss you forever and always, until we meet again.

Our New Ride

Back in August while my brother was visiting for my birthday, he convinced me it was time to say goodbye to my old car.

Honestly, I was hesitant at first. The Impala was, after all, only nearly 16 years old. She holds more great memories than bad ones; and with the exception of some minor issues, I was okay with keeping her until she couldn’t go any further.

The bad memories, though, are the heartbreakers that I can’t deal with any more. Like taking Callie, Shadow, and Radar to the vet for their final visits/journeys to the Rainbow Bridge. And taking Bogie to the vet after his horrific accident so he could be given dignified aftercare. And taking Ducky to the vet the morning after she left me. And the difficult times of dealing with hubby’s dementia demons in the car. So it was time to let go.

So, it’s time to introduce my new ride – Zen and Zoey’s new taxi – our 2022 Honda CR-V, lovingly named in honor of my canine soulmate. Here’s Ducky2 …..


Although Callie, Shadow and Radar loved riding in the car too, Ducky loved it most of all. (Bogie used to get nervous in the back seat by himself.)

My New Ride

Yes, that’s the Impala next to Ducky2. I haven’t officially sold her yet.