Time Flies…

…when you’re having fun!

Friday is the last day of my externship for my Veterinary Assistant course. And I’m torn between remaining as a volunteer and getting back to my former life as a retired person. 

I have truly enjoyed the hands-on experience I’ve had throughout my time behind the scenes at our vet’s hospital. I know there are many things I need more practice with to become an even better vet assistant. But I also know it takes time to hone one’s skills. All the “girls” and both Dr. Steve and Dr. Simpson have been super-patient with my more-than-occasional lapses in concentration. And I appreciate it more than they could possibly know.  

From the start, my heart has cried for the pet parents whose furry “kids” have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses or been aided in their journeys to the Rainbow Bridge. And rejoiced with the pet parents who received good news.

Something I was afraid would “turn my stomach” – watching surgery on an animal – actually ended up fascinating me. I wouldn’t want to HAVE TO be the vet/surgeon performing the surgery. And I don’t know that I could handle watching surgery on my own dogs; but the surgery itself and the vet’s skill and devotion to his patients just blew me away.  So did the skill of the techs assisting with the surgeries. These gals are fantastic! 

While I am definitely looking forward to getting my former life back – to some degree at least – my life has been irrevocably changed by this experience. 

I am truly grateful to Dr. Steve for having agreed to let me do my externship under his tutelage. And I am grateful to Dr. Steve, Dr. Simpson, and the entire staff at Sunrise Animal Hospital for their mentoring, assistance, guidance, and unending patience as I watched, participated, fumbled, and learned my way through my externship.

9 thoughts on “Time Flies…

  1. Emmadog says:

    My mom did assist her vet friend in Germany for emergencies and she loved it, especially surgery! It was hard to lose pets but she found it fascinating overall. If you enjoy it, stay on part time or a few hours a week, why not?

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    • My Golden Life says:

      Still thinking about it, Emma. I got “spoiled” by retirement – being able to do things when I want to as opposed to when I have to. And I like that freedom. We’ll see.


  2. Jan K says:

    I’m so glad it’s been such a good experience for you. I admire that you did all this just for your own education, and not because you are pursuing it as a career. I think more people should approach retirement like you have, keeping your brain active and engaged.

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    • My Golden Life says:

      Thanks Jan!! My biggest motivation throughout the course has been to honor my sweet Callie-Angel by learning how to better help Shadow and Ducky through the remaining years of their lives.


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