Cautiously Optimistic

Since Shadow’s visit to the emergency vet back on Labor Day weekend, she has been a very picky eater again.

Even though in the past she has gotten used to the nasty taste left in her mouth by Metronidazole, this time has been different. Getting her to eat her food was a frustrating, sometimes unsuccessful experience for the week she was taking it and the week since she’s been off it.


This morning – with a little coaxing – she ate her breakfast. And about three hours later she ate her lunch with less coaxing than this morning.

(I don’t really worry too much if she doesn’t finish her breakfast – or if I have to coax her a bit – because I know the Denamarin she’s on for her liver makes her tummy feel “weird” for a few hours after she takes it.)

So, with her having eaten her meals today without much coaxing, I’m thinking (hopeful) that maybe the nasty taste of the Metronidazole is finally gone.

And by the way, the Treatibles 10-mg. CBD oil gel caps I’ve been giving her with breakfast are definitely helping manage her arthritis discomfort/pain. It also seems to have reduced some of the weakness in her back legs. She hasn’t stumbled on the steps in over a week! (Until just two minutes ago. I jinxed her. 😒)

7 thoughts on “Cautiously Optimistic

  1. Jan K says:

    I’m so glad Shadow is doing and eating better! What is it about the jinxing thing? More than once we’d think Cricket’s cough had finally gone away, and as soon as I spoke those words aloud to my hubby, she’d cough!! :/

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  2. Tails Around the Ranch says:

    Elsa is on CBD oil; which helps her epilepsy too. Such a terrific product with multiple applications for healthy pups and humans. We think the Metronidazole is what triggered the epilepsy though I suspect she would have eventually started having seizures at some point since idiopathic seizures are generally genetic. Good luck, all our paws are crossed for your sweet girl to get back to being 100% and enjoying a decent appetite. πŸ’ž

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