My (Crazy) Golden Life

We’re still here. A little tattered after a busy summer and fall, but here.

Ducky is still her crazy, sometimes hyper, drama-queen, lovable self. Trying to work with her in between hubby’s various doctor appointments and my own school work wore. me. out. I’m not as young as I used to be. πŸ™„

Then, there’s poor Shadow. Oh, don’t worry…she’s still healthy and happy.

But her digestive issues have been concerning me the last several weeks. To start with, the company that makes her food went to an “improved formula”. (Improved my butt!) And that so-called improved formula has been giving her some “silent-but-deadly” gas, especially at night. So she was refusing to eat her full meals. Add to that her refusal to stand on floor mats while she eats, despite her arthritis, and the Denamarin for her liver function. And her depth-perception vision issues. I discussed all this with our vet on Tuesday morning while we were there for an unrelated matter. He suggested waiting until after she eats breakfast to give her the Denamarin. It works best on an empty stomach, but still works on a somewhat full one as well.

So, I tried waiting and it made no difference. And I tried using a different food bowl. And I tried spoon-feeding her. Nothing made any difference.

Until yesterday. I was feeling totally at a loss, totally frustrated. Shadow’s IBS makes it inadvisable to change her food, even gradually, so that’s out. I ordered some probiotic chews. Hopefully they will help with the flatulence.

Meanwhile, I was on FB Messenger with my friend, Jan. You know her as “the Momz” over on Wag-n-Woof Pets. I needed a different perspective on my problem. Jan mentioned that she uses a plate, rather than a bowl, for beagle Cricket’s food. It was close to time for Shadow’s lunch, so I pulled one of our dinner plates out of the cabinet and used it instead of her bowl to feed her.

VoilΓ‘! One problem seemingly fixed. Now to dismiss the notion that she should only eat twice (or thrice) a day. So, since I’d already split her breakfast into two meals, why not her dinner as well? No noticeable flatulence last night. We’ll see how it goes tonight.

That’s what my life has been like these last few months. Crazy, sometimes exhausting, puzzling, but much better and preferable than the alternative. The girls, the hubby, and I will get through it.

Happy Howlidays to ALL our friends and family. β€οΈπŸŽ„β„οΈβ˜ƒοΈ

8 thoughts on “My (Crazy) Golden Life

  1. somethingwagging says:

    Glad Jan was able to give you a fresh perspective. Ain’t our online friends grand? (And I met Jan in May at BlogPaws–she’s a wonderful in person as she is on the blog).

    Good lucking helping your aging girl feel “in the pink.”

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    • My Golden Life says:

      I wish I could have gone to BlogPaws last year to meet all my blogging buddies; but family commitments made it impossible. Some day, maybe. But yes, our online friends ARE grand!

      Some minor changes I made over the weekend seem to be helping for now. 🀞


  2. easyweimaraner says:

    isn’t that great… thanks to Jan, that was a super idea what worked YAY!!!! I love it when we have friends who can help and who show us a little light between the dark clouds of sorrow…. hugs and potp to you!!!

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  3. Jan K says:

    Yay, I’m so glad my idea seems to be helping! All paws are crossed over here that it continues! Thank you for giving us the shout-out too….I’m just glad we’re friends and can help each other out. β™₯
    Now, what do you think….could we market a plate as a dog dish, and maybe get rich? πŸ™‚

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  4. Tails Around the Ranch says:

    Love hearing ‘pawsitive’ news in the midst of doctor and vet appointments, studying, etc. Life can be a bit overwhelming at time. Know we’re thinking of you and sending oodles of poodles POTP and well wishes for sweet Shadow, digital hugs for you and ear scratches for the crazy wild-child. 😍

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