An Awesome Day

Happens when you leave your comfort zone way behind you and aren’t disappointed.

Today has been one of those days. I wish I had photos to share but I don’t. Please just enjoy the one at the end of the post.

I had to take Ducky to the vet for a weight check. I figured she would at least bark at Rachel or Morgan, but no. Once we got inside, she was quiet as a church mouse. And no resistance to being on the scale.

Then, I needed to go to our local pet supplies store to pick up some more “backup food” (for when I get low on homemade and don’t have time to make more).

Ducky has never been inside that store because I was always afraid she would try to bite another human who got too close to me. So, naturally, I was prepared to have hubby take her back outside if she got too anxious.

Ducky, Hubby, and I walked into the store behind another shopper and it was like we were the only three beings in the store. Not a sound, not an anxious look, not any reaction at all from Ducky. We walked to the back of the store where they keep (some of) the food I needed and back to the front where the rest of it is kept. All Ducky was interested in was all the new smells. 🐾🐾

So, hubby brought our items up to the cashier’s desk while I walked Ducky around the store. Her only reaction was a little growling at another dog on the other side of the glass door to the grooming room. And she stopped as soon as I asked her to and went back to sniffing. She even sniffed the cashier’s hand when the girl rolled out from behind the counter in a wheelchair!! 🥰

My little girl made me – and her Daddy – so proud today! I know her Golden Angel sisters are proud of her, too! 😇😇

Now Ducky and I are enjoying sunshine and fresh air in the backyard as we chill out. Ducky’s on squirrel patrol, and I’m about to start my walk around the yard. (Beats the boring old treadmill any time!)

Another Vet Visit for Shadow

Now before you think “oh no, not again!”, let me put your mind at ease. This was more of a consultation visit. Shadow has been eating pretty well since I made those routine changes in December.

And this morning, I was really proud of her. Normally, as soon as we enter an exam room Shadow will curl up in a corner between the bench and the wall.

She did this morning. But while I sat on the bench and entered her weight in my notes on the phone, she found the courage to come out of her hiding place.

 So, I got down on the floor myself and sat next to her while we waited for “Uncle Steve”. When he walked through the door, Shadow stayed put. We both smiled and praised her bravery.

The reason for the visit was her arthritis. On Friday morning while we were playing out in the yard, Shadow started “gimping” and favoring her left front leg. Her nails looked a little long, so I took her up to the vet for a nail trim. When we got home, I took her back outside for more play time. After a few tosses of the ball, she was gimping again. I called the vet and made the appointment for this morning. And got the okay to give her some Tramadol.

My poor girl definitely has arthritis in both wrists and both elbows. It’s not as bad in the right leg as it is in the left one; but we definitely need to manage it as best we can. So, it’s time to get a ramp and start training her to use it. Especially for getting into and out of the car.  We only have three steps to the back door – carpeted – so that’s not a big deal at this point.

I’m thinking I’ll check out Solvit; but if anyone has another brand preference, please let me know so I can check it out. As for supplements, I’m already giving her glucosamine, chondroitin, and the other hip/joint stuff in her current supplements. I need to check out some fatty acid supplements. Any ideas as to good ones that aren’t overly expensive?