The Calm Before The Storm

Ducky is a big “talker”; in fact, she is what my mom always called me. A chatterbox.

Especially in the morning. And it drives her Daddy up the wall. Sometimes, he’s the storm that’s brewing. I’ve given up trying to convince him that his yelling at her means nothing to her and only upsets Shadow. But when he yells in my ear, I do say something. Like “I didn’t need that in my ear!” And then I take the girls outside.

This morning I got Ducky to settle down a bit in my recliner, next to my left leg. And everything is sunny right now after two play sessions out in the back yard.


10 thoughts on “The Calm Before The Storm

    • My Golden Life says:

      Yes, but some men just don’t get it. His yelling – make that screeching – at Ducky usually makes her tuck her tail between her legs and come running to me. Drives me up a wall and upsets Shadow, too. All that negative energy is sooooo unnecessary!


  1. Jan K says:

    It’s a good thing they have Dog Moms, because the Dads just don’t get it sometimes. I’ve been known to say “your yelling is more annoying than…whatever the dog is doing”. It’s so much easier to complain than to just actually do something about it. I suppose it’s the same way with human children? We didn’t have any, so I don’t really know. πŸ™‚

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