Delayed Reaction?


Time for another review! Can you believe another month is nearly over already? It seems like this year just started and it’s nearly half over!

Today Ducky and I are reviewing the Earthborn Holistic Cheese Flavor EarthBites treats that our friend at sent us.

At first these treats didn’t seem to bother Shadow’s reflux so I figured they’d be a good alternative to the “people” cheddar cheese that the dog-daddy had been spoiling them with on a daily basis (among other people treats I didn’t know about).  Well, last week, when I was getting ready to do our little photo shoot for this review, Shadow got sick.  Turns out she had a bout of IBS thanks to all the people food. I believe that most things are fine in moderation; but my definition of “moderation” and the dog-daddy’s definition are oceans apart, apparently.  So, once again, we’re back to the NO PEOPLE FOOD diet for both girls.

Anyway, because of Shadow’s delayed reaction to everything, I put the review aside and now cannot get a picture of Ducky enjoying one of these treats without Shadow trying to horn in on us.  

What I can tell you is that both Shadow and Ducky were enjoying these treats before Shadow got sick.  But the vet said to limit Shadow’s treats to one specific treat that she likes, and make sure it’s not this new one.  Poor girl. (She is feeling better now, so no need to worry.)


Disclaimer: As a Chewy Influencer, I received one bag of Earthborn Holistics EarthBites Cheddar-Cheese flavor dog treats from in exchange for an honest review. I received no other compensation for this post.

Ducky, Shadow, and I would like to thank Sugar the Golden Retriever and Oz the Terrier for hosting this Chewy blog hop.

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8 thoughts on “Delayed Reaction?

    • My Golden Life says:

      That’s life. What else can I say? But it’s okay. I’m sending the remaining treats to Monika and Sam. We still have the blueberry cobbler flavor treats from Sojos that we tried back in April. 😊


    • My Golden Life says:

      Agreed! But with this dog-daddy it’s easier said than done. So far he hasn’t given them any people food that I know of; but dog only knows how long that will last.


  1. Jan K says:

    Better safe than sorry, we always say. So if Shadow had these treats before her upset tummy then it’s probably best not to have them again. We tried Samantha on a new dry cat food, and she started vomiting not long after. We think she was just having a hairball spell, but we decided to take her off the food anyway, just in case!

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