So Much to Love…

It’s hard to believe that today is Ducky’s fourth Gotcha Day!  Time has flown by since our little demon joined the family!

Ducky is small compared to her older sisters, Shadow and Angel Callie, but there’s so much to love in this little package…

Her sweetness with the people and doggies she loves. She gives puppy kisses galore. And, according to her dog-daddy, to excess at times.

Her ability to keep Shadow young. Since Callie got her angel wings, Ducky has matured a lot and realized that Shadow is her best doggie friend as well as her sister. She still has her snarky moments over a toy or ball, but those moments continue to dwindle. They chase each other in the yard. (I have to get a video clip of that one of these days!) And they play in the house. 

She barks at anything and everything she hears or sees – when the spirit moves her. Some days she’ll bark at the breeze blowing or a tree branch falling on the roof. Other days she’ll just look up and then go back to her nap.

She barks at hubby when he first comes out of the bedroom in the morning. He gets grumpy over it – he’s definitely NOT a morning person – but I have to admit it’s kinda funny, even if it is annoying at times.

She runs the fence line on both sides with our neighbors’ dogs. There’s nothing aggressive in any of their body language. They’re just saying hello and getting some exercise running back and forth. When she’s had enough, she walks  away. 

She’s a fast learner. And even when I don’t reinforce her training for a while, she still remembers everything. (I just wish she would apply that to wearing the muzzle. That is a slow process.) 

She is still teaching me patience. Even though she’s not as hyper as she was four years ago, she does still have those moments. I don’t have my helper (Callie) here any more to show me how to deal with those moments, so I struggle at times. Especially when she’s being snarky with Shadow. Or blowing me off.

She makes us laugh. Every. Day. At least a hundred times a day. The way she stalks the squirrels. The way she paws and digs at the dog beds to get them “just so”. The way she barks at the dogs next door and then ignores them. The way she walks through a spider web on the porch and then paws at her face to get it off her nose. (I wish I’d gotten a video clip of that too!) But here’s a photo of her with a spider web on her head…

19 thoughts on “So Much to Love…

    • My Golden Life says:

      Thanks, Erin! Just checked out your blog and saw that you have a neighbor Chihuahua, too. Good Luck with that! The ones that live two houses up from me bark from the moment they are let out the back door to the moment they are brought back inside (which is normally sun up to past sundown). And, they’re all – 4 or 5 of them – irritating yappers. One of them is a drama queen, too, which makes it even worse. I can’t even enjoy a quiet moment with Shadow and Ducky in our own yard in the morning. Grrr. And their hu-dad is a nasty sob, too, so it’s not a surprise that the dogs are out in the yard most of the day. (Though right now they don’t appear to be outside yet. Hmmm)


  1. Jodi says:

    What a sweetie she is! She reminds me so much of Delilah who I swear, was brought into my life to teach me patience! And she makes me laugh like crazy too, but then she has this sweet, sensitive, vulnerable side that just melts me.

    Happy Gotcha Day Ducky!!

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  2. Beth says:

    Sounds like she found the perfect family for her! I’m glad that she’s made so much progress in your time together. She seems like a hoot to be around!

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  3. Jan K says:

    Happy Gotcha Day, Ducky! It sounds like she has come a long way in her four years with you! I imagine she will always challenge you in ways – just like Luke will always challenge us – but these dogs tend to make up for it with their loving ways.
    I haven’t been working with Luke and the muzzle lately, but I was putting peanut butter inside it when we were. Have you tried that with Ducky yet?
    Enjoy your special day!

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    • My Golden Life says:

      Hi Jan! I wish I could use peanut butter! But, because of her IBS, I can’t. Most people food is just too fatty for both girls. I’ve been using her kibble. She likes it – she’ll eat anything – so it’s just a process of getting her to accept the muzzle over her snout for more than a few seconds at a time.


  4. easyweimaraner says:

    Happy Gotcha Day Ducky!!! to make your people laugh is a wonderful gift you bring them efurry day….hugs to you, a smile can dry not all tears but it helps to heal our broken hearts…

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    • My Golden Life says:

      Thanks, Easy! I try efurry day to make my daddy and mama smile cuz they got me outta da shelter and gave me a real home of my own. And they love me even when I’m being a brat. 😍


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