It’s Amazing…

What a diet free of table scraps can do for a dog – specifically my dogs!

For the past several weeks, both Shadow and Ducky have not had any table scraps sneaked to them by the dog-daddy – mostly because I’ve been watching him like a hawk and not giving him any opportunity to do so – and their digestive systems are reaping the benefits.

Yes, Ducky had a cluster of minor IBS episodes a few weeks ago; but those were due to her anxieties. And to issues I’d rather not talk/write about publicly.  Besides, our regular vet’s new associate took a look at things and prescribed CatLax to help with the physiological side. And it has been like a miracle drug for her. #ThanksDr.Simpson!

Anyway, just before our last order of food was due to ship from #Chewy, one of the customer service reps sent me an email to say that they had removed the food from the order because they were no longer offering it. I was frantic. Shadow has always had trouble transitioning to new food. What to do??!

I decided to take a chance on a similar recipe – same brand, just different recipe – and use what I had left of the other to transition her to the new.

I’m happy to report that we are down to our last can and a quarter of the old food; AND no adverse reactions. Even without the Metoclopromide and Metronidazole, Shadow has been transitioning without any problem at all.  Ducky is back on her prescription food – at least for now and maybe permanently – so no transition issues with her either.

Table scraps in moderation – like everything else – probably would not have upset the apple cart. BUT my definition of “moderation” and the hubby’s definition of it are eons apart. So,  I’ve had to become the food police for my dogs’ sakes. And it is amazing how much difference it makes in their appetite, their attitude, and their overall health.

11 thoughts on “It’s Amazing…

  1. Queenie says:

    i completely agree. I controlled by dog’s diet after she ballooned. It worked wonders for her! I see her weight dropping drastically to within the healthy region.

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    • My Golden Life says:

      I totally agree, at least to the degree that hubby was doing it. A teensy bit now and then probably would not have hurt them any; but, like I said in the post, I had to become the food police. A job I HATE.


  2. Jan K says:

    I’m so happy you’ve had some breakthroughs and the girls are doing better! We’ve always had a rule in our house that the dogs don’t get fed from our plates while we’re eating. When we’re done eating, the plates go on the floor for licking, and maybe one little nibble of something we’ve had that’s safe for them. Luckily my hubby has always been compliant with this. We always did it because we didn’t want any begging while we’re eating, but maybe it’s been a side benefit that we don’t have too many upset tummies.


    • My Golden Life says:

      I’m glad Tom has always been on the same page with you re the table scraps! It has had a DEFINITE benefit for Sheba and her fight against the cancer. I’m not saying the table scraps caused Callie’s cancer – they didn’t, at least not single-handedly – but they sure as heck didn’t help her fight it.


  3. easyweimaraner says:

    I hear you… I saw how Easy ate pizza (just a little piece?… as big as the plate) and I saw him with mustard on his nose from a sausage… men are a challenge on the food front… I agree :o)


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