Bless Her Heart

Ducky had some surgery on Thursday (2/23/17) that we hope will help reduce the incidents of UTIs and irritations of her vulva.
The vet says it will. So I have to believe he’s right. 

Meanwhile, she was miserable Thursday from the time I picked her up from the vet. All the way through Friday afternoon. The carprofen was helping keep the inflammation at bay. But it wasn’t doing anything for the pain. So, I asked the vet if I could give her some Tramadol. He said okay…25 mg. up to 3 times a day.

The Tramadol started working quickly. She was able to get some much-needed rest overnight. And after her morning dose and a nap before breakfast today, she is feeling much better. Not 100%, but still much better.

But she HATES the Buster collar. It gets in the way. Of her food bowl, of her toys, and of her sniffing out the critters who visit HER yard.

Whether she will acquire any patience is yet to be seen. It hasn’t impeded her snarky attitude toward Shadow. But having to wear the collar ALL the time is giving her a mental workout while she tries to play with her toys.

The sutures come out and the collar comes off in less than two weeks. By then I’m sure she’ll have figured out how to play again. 

Meanwhile, I came up with a new nickname for her: Ducky Smarty Paws. Or Smarty Paws. Maybe SHE doesn’t know the difference between “Smarty Paws” and “Demonbrat”, but I do. Positive association vs. negative association, regardless of the amount of affection in our tone. And it might just help with her attitude adjustment training.

12 thoughts on “Bless Her Heart

  1. Tails Around the Ranch says:

    I’m woefully behind on reading blogs and trying to plow through February’s-so sorry to be so late but hope Ducky is fully recovered from the surgery as well as enjoying life much more now. Hugs and pup kisses. ~ღonika, Sam, & Elsa 🐾

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  2. Jan K says:

    If you say it often enough, it just might come true, right? She’ll go from brat to smarty in no time. πŸ™‚ I just read an article about that, I think it was from that woman you told me about, Janet Finlay?
    Anyway, so glad Ducky is coming along and getting better! β™₯

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