Now THAT’S Focus!

I marvel constantly at Ducky’s focus. Whether she’s sitting in the grass or standing on the cement driveway, when something captures her attention it’s amazing how focused she becomes.

Watch her in this video…​

I know, it’s long at nearly a minute and a half. But in the time it took to upload, I continued watching my little part demon, part angel dog remain focused on whatever it was she was watching. I was mesmerized by her focus quite frankly.

It’s not just outside, either. Look at this focus she has on her Daddy while he eats his dinner…

I need to work more on harnessing Ducky’s incredible focus abilities. Can you imagine the progress we could make on her not becoming Cujo-like with house guests and strangers?!  WOW

Okay, so now it’s time for breakfast. Shadow should be past the Denamarin-induced full tummy feeling by now. 

Have a great day my friends!!

21 thoughts on “Now THAT’S Focus!

    • My Golden Life says:

      The good thing is I got her to focus on ME this morning when we got to daycare instead of barking her fool head off at the guy coming out to his car. That’s one of the places where I really need to work with her. Usually, though, she starts the barking as we pull into the parking lot. I’m surprised I’m not deaf by now! I just hate to have to start using the travel crate again.


  1. easyweimaraner says:

    it’s amazing to watch them when they see something and they suddenly become so super high concentrated… I always have an eye on phenny when he is in “focus-mode”… and if he starts to point, then I’m on alert … to rescue the pup from a bee, snail, pigeon, squirrel, insivisible phantom etc ;o)

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  2. Maggie says:

    That is some serious focus!! Harnessing that energy for good sounds like a challenge that I’m sure you and Ducky can overcome!!! Can’t wait to follow your progress 🙂

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