Ducky, Ducky, Ducky!!!

What am I to do with you, little one?

This morning you were being a pest while your sister and I were sharing some mommy love. So, Shadow told you off with a warning snap.

I must say, your Daddy and I were pleasantly surprised that Shadow told you off. You deserved it. And it was the first time Shadow’s stood up for herself since before Callie got her angel wings.

So what do you do this afternoon? You get jealous when Shadow comes up behind me, looking for more love.

Before I knew what was happening, you were on Shadow, growling, snarking, and being a complete brat. I’m proud to say that Shadow fought back a little bit then, too.

I finally got you off of your older sister and gave you a piece of my mind. I’m glad you finally apologized to Shadow.

I still love you unconditionally. So does Shadow. BUT you’ve damaged the trust we placed in you over this past year. You will have to work to re-earn that trust.

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