Friday’s Here

When I was still in the workforce, I could hardly wait for Fridays. Especially that magical five o’clock hour. Now I wonder where Monday went. πŸ€”

Ah, well, as long as I can enjoy my first cup of coffee sitting in the back yard – with my pups – enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, I’m happy.

It’s still too early for Shadow. She looks like she wants to go back to bed…

Ducky’s looking for squirrels. They haven’t been around much lately. I think she misses chasing the little buggers.

“Where are all the squirrels, Mom??” They’re wise to her. They hang around the bird feeder until they hear the back door open, and then they scurry up the tree. Those evil little critters are probably up there now, singing “Nah nah nah nah nah, you can’t catch us!” 🀣🐿 🀣

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

13 thoughts on “Friday’s Here

    • My Golden Life says:

      A few years ago – before Callie’s 2nd CCL surgery – the 3 girls ganged up on and caught one. It was smart enough to play dead while the girls did the bitey-face routine over their catch. I was able to get Callie and Shadow on the porch and then grab Ducky and put them all in the house. Then I went to get the dead squirrel and put him in the trash bin. He surprised the he** out of me when he jumped of the scoop and tore off across the yard. I let myself imagine that was his way of thanking me for having rescued him.


  1. edgar62 says:

    Yes last week was a beautiful spring day here in South Australia ( 28c ) I set up the table, the brolly, brought out my laptop and my diary. My dog came with me. Sadly ,my wife is not an outdoor person. But it was a lovely day in the warm spring sun.

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