Watchful Weekend

Well, we’ve had another (mostly) peaceful week. Hubby seems to have completely forgotten the two weeks of pure hell. That’s more than just “good”. He’s had a few minor “tantrums”, but at least they weren’t directed at the dogs or me.

Shadow’s UTI appears to be cleared up. I gave her the last antibiotic dose yesterday afternoon. She’s eating better again. And she’s playing more. Still, after all that’s been going on around here this past month, the vet agreed with me that we should do a follow-up urinalysis next week.

Ducky’s still a bit reactive when hubby comes out of the bedroom in the morning but is generally settling down faster. And she’s still being sweet toward Shadow for the most part.

As I’ve said before, being a caregiver for/to a dementia patient is not for wimps. Especially when you’re also “Mom” to pets who depend on you for everything, from meals and vet care to playtime and lovies, not to mention keeping things as calm and peaceful as possible. That’s a ton of responsibility to heap on one person day in and day out. It can wreak havoc with one’s internal balance.

So, this weekend I’m watching both dogs for reactions to people food that hubby sneaks to them. And watching hubby for signs of oncoming temper tantrums. And watching myself for signs of stress and that overwhelmed feeling.

10 thoughts on “Watchful Weekend

  1. Pamela says:

    You’re certainly learning a lot about gratitude when you get these peaceful moments. It’s hard to always feel responsible for your loved ones.

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  2. edgar62 says:

    Glad Shadow is on the mend. You are right, it is a constant battle and I have only known two people here who went through this.Both husbands had to be put in an aged care facility dementia section for safety, the wife safety and his. Yes, I imagine the constant pressure would be exhausting.

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  3. derrycats says:

    Glad for a mostly peaceful week, but sorry for the ongoing and unending pressure. So hard, what you’re living with.

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