Sunny Days At Last

Ducky’s a #freshairaddict – as were her #GoldenAngel sisters, Callie and Shadow – which is fine with me. I’d rather be outside on a sunny day, too!

Here’s Ducky running and conversing with our neighbor’s new shelter pup, Kara….

And here she is just chilling out in the sunshine…

One day – when I can write a longer post about her #GoldenAngel sisters without dissolving into a puddle of tears – I’ll share some pix of Callie and Shadow in their pre-Ducky years. For now, though, here’s one of them enjoying the sunshine together at the park…

10 thoughts on “Sunny Days At Last

  1. edgar62 says:

    I haven’t taken Benji down to the Wetlands in ages – mainly it’s just been way too hot.I take him out for a walk before dawn and the same again after sunset. Once the weather calms down and the temperatures are reasonable again, we’ll go back to the afternoons at the wetlands.

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  2. Jan K says:

    Ducky looks like a very happy girl enjoying the sunshine! I can’t wait until we can really get out in the yard and do more. We did have a very nice walk today, but it was still below freezing.

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