Lucky Ducky

A few weeks ago I shared a story about Ducky’s curiosity when it comes to bees and other “critters” in our backyard. If you missed it, you can find it here.

Well, this morning, while we were enjoying the fresh air – and, I, my first cup of coffee – I noticed Ducky rubbing her snout in the grass by the narrow end of the driveway.

I walked over to investigate and guess what I found?

Only, when I first found him, he was resting in the dirt next to that blade of grass. Right where Ducky had been rubbing her snout! (I didn’t have my phone with me when I first went to investigate.)

This crazy dog of mine had been rubbing her snout on the bee!! My crazy, lucky dog! I don’t know how she managed to not get stung! She’s staying away from him now, just chilling out not far from my chair, with her favorite toy.

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10 thoughts on “Lucky Ducky

  1. Tails Around the Ranch says:

    Whoa…you guys dodged a bullet there! Guess when you don’t have a thumb to pick things up with, you figure the next best thing is a good face rub on it. Just glad she didn’t get stung for her efforts.🐝

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    • My Golden Life says:

      Me, too! The bee did seem a bit “docile” though both times I looked at him. I wasn’t even sure at first that he was alive. But when I went back – with the phone – to take the pic, he had moved to the blades of grass so I knew he was breathing. But he just sat there and let me get close enough to take the pic and walk away. Ducky’s been more interested in other things on subsequent trips to the yard though. Thank goodness.

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