He Changed Everything

“Every now and then a dog will come into your life and change everything.”

Radar was that dog for us.

Now before you say something like “what about Kissy, Callie, Shadow, and Ducky?” let me tell you that we still love each of our furry angels and our little earth angel and always will. Each of them holds her own special place in our hearts. Each was and is a source of joy and unconditional love, and always will be. They all came into our lives as puppies and we watched them grow into wonderful adult dogs.

Radar came to us as an already full grown adult dog so we didn’t get to enjoy his puppyhood. But when we first met him, it felt as though he had known us all his life. He was doing the Snoopy happy dance from the moment he saw hubby get out of the car. He gave me his paw and let Ducky “check him out.”I knew from the very first moment that Radar was meant to be with us for the rest of his life.

Radar’s previous life will never be known to any of us. He was found wandering the neighborhood of a friend of his first foster mom. It’s anyone’s guess how long the poor boy had been on his own. YET, he was happy, joyful, gentle, sweet, and full of love for every one who took him in, cared for him, and showed him any amount of kindness. No amount of shyness to this boy’s demeanor. He was an equal opportunity lover of humans and other dogs.

So what did he change?

Well, for one thing, he was the first male dog I’ve ever had. I grew up with female poodles; my own first dog (Kissy) was female; and all three dogs hubby and I have had before Radar (Callie, Shadow, and Ducky) were/are females.

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against male dogs. My brother’s dog, Boozy, is a male and our granddog, Max, is a male. I love them both. I just stuck with what I knew from my life so far. Females. When we took Radar in as our foster-to-adopt, I had no idea how Ducky would act with him once he came to live with us. But Radar needed us, and we all needed him.

There was something special about our boy. Whatever his previous life was like, it didn’t rob him of his joy of life, his love of humans and other dogs, or his innate sweetness. He was pure joy. Even his heartworm disease couldn’t completely take that from him. He tried his best to wag his tail when he saw us in the ER clinic exam room that awful, heart-shattering day.

And me rescue an adult Golden Retriever instead of getting a puppy? A few years ago I’d have said “no way!” Radar – along with my lack of enthusiasm for house training another dog – changed that too. I wanted another Golden but I wanted one closer to Ducky’s age. Radar was such a special boy that I can’t see myself getting another dog who doesn’t need a second chance at life. While at this point in our life we can’t emotionally deal with taking in another unhealthy dog, we do want another Golden who can keep up with Ducky and become her best friend, companion, and loving sibling.

And ten months ago – when Shadow first reunited with Callie – I didn’t think I could even foster another Golden before a year had passed. I was even hesitant to put in our adoption application at first. But when we met Radar, I knew he was meant to be with us for the rest of his life. During those two months plus that he was with us, he helped me heal from the loss of Shadow, Callie, and Kissy. Oh, I still miss them – and always will – but the pain isn’t as sharp.

And he did something else to my heart. He opened it to letting him join Callie and Shadow when his time came so that we could give another Golden Boy a second chance at a happy life. My heart still hurts from the pain of losing Radar so suddenly. But I know when the time is right he and his sisters will send us another Golden Boy to whom we will open our hearts and home. Another Golden Boy who needs us as much as we need him.

We’re joining Brian’s Home Blog for the Thankful Thursday blog hop.

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17 thoughts on “He Changed Everything

  1. derrycats says:

    Blessed Radar! What a gift he was for you, even for such a short time. I’m so glad his last days were with people who treasured him.


  2. Tails Around the Ranch says:

    Radar sounded like one extra special Golden Boy. Bless you for making his last days full of love and gratitude. No doubt he’s romping with your Angel Girls and wagging his tail as he watches over you. What a poignant and sweet post on gratitude. ๐Ÿฅฐ

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  3. Jan K says:

    I have a tough time sometimes accepting why things happen the way they do. You have a good attitude, Sue. It is so wonderful that your heart and home are open to another dog when you are ready.
    Our first two dogs were girls as well, but Kobi was unplanned and we’ve been open to boys ever since then. I tend to think boys are more mellow, though they also seem to be more whiney! LOL

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    • My Golden Life says:

      Believe me, I have a tough time, too. But the only way I could make sense of it all with Radar was to accept that the hidden internal damage from the heartworms was just too extensive. As Sam says, the poor boy just didn’t stand a chance. He didn’t deserve such a fate, but God had his reasons whatever they were. I’m just glad we got to have him in our lives and give him the love he deserved.

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  4. Brian Frum says:

    Yes indeed, Radar completed his life’s mission with you and he filled your heart with love and smiles. That’s what he was meant to do. Likewise you were meant to be there for him when he needed you the most. That feeling of love will make your heart smile when you remember the happy times and his most happy smile. Hugs from all of us.

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  5. Dakota/Caren/Cody says:

    ohhhhh what a beautiful, beautiful tribute to that sweet boy. The photo of him raising his paw for you to “shake” with his gorgeous smile is just tearing me up. It isn’t fair that you only had two months with this handsome boy. What an Angel on Earth he was, still smiling and trusting after God knows what he had been through. And YOU and hubby…also Angels on Earth for giving him a chance and in that all too brief time, you probably gave him more love than he had in a lifetime. You can count on Radar helping to send another woofie your way….and I have a hunch it just might be another male. Much love…..thank you for sharing this beautiful post xoxoxo

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    • My Golden Life says:

      Thanks Caren! We miss being able to love on all our furry angels, and being able to watch Ducky interact with them. I know they will send us the right โ€œwoofieโ€ at the right time. Glad you enjoyed reading the post!


  6. Sandee says:

    Yes, we can love and care for them and Radar has so fortunate to have a happy home to live out his life. Bless you for doing that.

    Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. โ™ฅ

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