Introducing Ducky’s Baby Brother

Bogie – think Humphrey Bogart – Oakes. Our little guy was born on Saturday, February 6th, along with his 12 siblings – exactly one week before Ducky’s 9th birthday. ❤️

Bailey’s 13 Puppies

We met this little cutie-pie when he was only three weeks old, and he and his 12 siblings were still barely moving far from Mama Bailey. Bailey channeled our sweet Callie that day to let us know that Callie, Shadow and Radar would approve of whichever puppy we picked out.

You My HuMommy!

One week later this little guy picked us out. While his siblings left my side in their playpen to go to Bailey for a drink at her milk bar, Bogie stayed with me and crawled on my legs and gave me sweet, tiny puppy kisses when I held him up to my face. Then I handed him to hubby and he made himself comfy in hubby’s arm.

You My HuDaddy!

It’s a good thing Bogie picked us because we would have had a hard time choosing one and saying no to the others! All of Bailey’s puppies are beautiful, just like their mama.

When we went back to see Bogie two weeks later, he had grown so much! And he was having a blast exploring his surroundings. And he loved hanging around hubby.

Bogie at 6 Weeks

We brought Bogie home on Saturday. And Ducky was curious but jealous. The green-gilled monster is controlling her inside the house right now, so we have to be really careful about their interactions. 😢 Outside in the yard, Ducky pretty much ignores Bogie. He tries to follow her, but he’s still a little slow for that. 😉 It’s just going to take some time for Ducky to adjust. She was jealous of Shadow, too, sometimes.

I wasn’t really expecting Ducky to become Bogie’s surrogate mama – like Callie did with Shadow – but I was hoping she would be more accepting of her baby brother. I suspect that as he grows and matures – and doesn’t require nearly as much of our attention – that she will begin to accept him. He is such a happy, sweet little guy and used to other dogs that he doesn’t recognize yet that Ducky doesn’t want to be bothered with him.


32 thoughts on “Introducing Ducky’s Baby Brother

  1. edgar62 says:

    Hello Bogie and welcome and if I may use the words of that other Great Bogie “”Here’s looking at you, kid!” Princes Ducky will come around in due course and love her new brother, I’m certain of that – after all, what’s not to love. You are beautiful.

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    • My Golden Life says:

      Aw, thanks! You may ALWAYS use the words of “that other Great Bogie” with us! We named our little guy after him because we’re great fans. And we love the nickname Spencer Tracy gave him. As he gets older, I’ll probably call him “R2” as well.


  2. Jan K says:

    Sometimes older dogs don’t know what to do with puppies at first! I remember how annoyed Kobi was with Luke when we first brought him home. After a couple weeks they were snuggling on the beds together. I hope Ducky is coming along a bit already!
    I’m so happy for all of you – and a bit jealous too! 🙂

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    • My Golden Life says:

      Thanks, Jan! I keep reminding myself that Ducky drove Callie and Shadow crazy for the first several months that she was with us, so little Bogie is their revenge on Ducky. 🤣🤣


  3. Brian says:

    Oh my goodness, welcome home Bogie! Such a sweetie. I’m sure Ducky will be okay with Bogie, we’ve done that in the past too. Give Ducky extra attention so as not to feel slighted. We’re so glad Bogie pick you too.

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  4. My GBGV Life says:

    How precious! Congratulations! Every puppy I have brought home has been ignored by the others for at least a few days and then things start to go better. Give them time and it will all work out. I know it is hard to see the puppy being ignored, but I think the older dog is teaching the puppy about who is the boss.

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  5. Susanne Holleman says:

    Congratulations! I’m so happy for you, hubby and Ducky. I love the name bogie, too. Looking forward to the photos, too.! Have fun!!!!!

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  6. Caren says:

    OMD how adorable!!!!! Soooooooo happy for you and I LOVE the name!!!! Bogie is born a day after my husband too lol. Now that Levi is almost 7 months old (we got him at 9 weeks old), I have to say I do NOT envy the puppy stage! lol. Sooo time consuming as you well know. I am sure Ducky will come around in the next few weeks…..hang in there and congratulations again! Bogie is adorable and I wish you many, many happy healthy years with him!! Can’t wait to watch him grow!

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  7. Tails Around the Ranch says:

    Squeals!!! How adorable! So happy for you, Sue. Congrats on your new little one; we’re sending a big time welcome for your sweet little boy. Hopefully Ducky will learn to accept her brother and enjoy having a new pal to hang out with. 🥰
    P.S. I couldn’t see any video, just audio. Is that what how it was supposed to be?

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