Happy Birthday Ducky!!!

Where have the years gone??!!

Ducky at 5 months, Foster Weekend

When we adopted you from the shelter, you were a little demon. Sweet to us and Callie, but you tormented Shadow almost constantly. Thank goodness Callie knew just what to do to keep you in line. And then daycare helped you work off some of that excess puppy energy.

Callie was on alert to prevent argument between her younger sisters

Fast forward some years and Callie had gone ahead to be our guardian angel. I wondered if you would ever stop tormenting poor Shadow. You did, for the most part. Callie must have told you to be a good girl. 🤣

Sisters at last

Then a few years later, when Shadow was sick and hurting, you stayed right by her side nearly 24/7 until we all said goodbye. Just before she left us to reunite with Callie you gave her a sweet goodbye kiss on her head.

Then there was your most special friend and foster brother, Radar. He was here for such a short time, but you two were best friends from the start.

A rare quiet moment between the 2 hooligans

When Radar left us, we were all devastated. As with Callie and Shadow, you kissed him goodbye just before he left to join your sisters. It took a while for you to accept that your buddy was here with you in spirit only. And that made it harder for me to adjust; but somehow the three of us helped each other get through another devastating loss.

I promised you – a few days after Radar left – that when the time was right, Daddy and I would find you a new friend, another brother. I asked Radar to help his sisters find us another Golden Boy for us all to love. Now I can tell you we’ve been working on fulfilling that promise.

My “little black demon dog” of 2012 has grown into my little earth angel of 2020 and beyond.

HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY DUCKY!!!! We love you sweetie!!!!

Happy Girl!!

18 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Ducky!!!

  1. Caren says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Ducky! Oh how your Mama loves you! I loved this line “My “little black demon dog” of 2012 has grown into my little earth angel of 2020 and beyond.”….you give me hope with Levi who will be turning 5 months old on the 17th. While he is super loving…omg can he ever be a DEMON!! Dakota wasn’t that young when he joined our family, he was 8 months old, I thought he was a handful but OMG does Levi ever have him beat!!! Thanks for the hope! xoxoxo

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    • My Golden Life says:

      Aw, puppies are supposed to be mischievous! 🤪 Ducky was turbo-charged energy back then. And while she has slowed down a little bit because of her hip dysplasia, she still has a lot of energy for a nine-year-old dog.

      I can’t believe little Levi is five months old already! He is so cute!


  2. edgar62 says:

    A very Happy Birthday Ducky. I am wishing you a lovely da with lots of treats. . Benji was also born in 2012 so he too will have a Birthday later this year. From a “demon” to a beautiful girl. I hope mommy and the angel girls help find you a new sister very soon.

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    • My Golden Life says:

      Well, Happy Early Birthday to Benji!! She got a birthday pupcake last night. While it didn’t have much flavor IMO, Ducky loved it (and that’s all that mattered).


    • My Golden Life says:

      Thanks! I figured that since Callie and Shadow helped me raise her from “little demon” to “spice with a little sugar” stage, they deserved some mention. And Radar helped her deal with hubby’s dementia-induced tantrums, which was a BIG help for me too, so he deserved some mention as well. But Ducky’s the star amongst earth angels. ❤️

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  3. Jan K says:

    Happy, happy birthday, Ducky!! You certainly have grown up to be a sweet girl. Luke and I both send lots of hugs and birthday smooches! ♥♥♥

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