A Trainer’s Tribute

Back when we had our first appointments with our current vet, I asked for a recommendation for a dog trainer for Bogie. The young man they recommended highly is now our friend as well.

Like everyone else who had met our precious boy, James fell in love with Bogie instantly. On Tuesday morning he sent me the following tribute with a request for permission to post it on his business page. At the bottom of this post I will include James’ info.


“He never got to see the snow.

“A day short of seeing and running through it, feeling and tasting it in the wind.

“He was beautiful, and he was just beginning to see the world as all dogs do at that age. He wasn’t yet a year old.

“In just a short time, a matter of almost a couple of months, I saw him grow and his heart expand, and the potential growth both as an incredible student and a wonderful family dog.

“Our last session together we began to work with him on his leash. He was so curious and eager to see the world around him. I knew the next steps would be a milestone for him, the next session a new achievement.

“When you’ve been doing this as long as I have, you can see deep into their eyes sometimes, and see a spark of light into what an incredible future is just a pawprint or two away.

“When my client messaged me, myself now a day into the snowstorm, I had to read it over and over again to understand.

“The gate was open, it happens. It happens to all dog owners sometime in their journey with their dog. Gates open, it happens.

“He ran, he ran through the gate with everything he had in him. The kind of exhilaration we only find in dreams.

“The driver never stopped. They didn’t even slow down, continuing to fly on the asphalt away from their wrongdoing, outrunning fault and forgiveness.

“Two children across the street saw what happened,, and brought his body to the driveway. A lady, a stranger, stopped in the middle of the road and held up traffic so the children could safely carry him across.

“I wish children had been part of his life’s story in so many, many other ways.

“Out of respect to the deep and open pain the family is still feeling, I can’t and won’t say his name.

“I wrote this because sometimes pain has to transmute to meaning, otherwise it just keeps eating at you.

“He was a good boy. I had only seen him the day before, and had I even a hint of the loss that would have been felt… I would have wished with all I had to give, that he could’ve had one dance in the snow.

“I will miss you, and every student after that reminds me of you, I will hold a part of you as I guide them on their journey; a journey you deserved to see so much more of than you had.

“With All, Sweet Boy❤🐶❤”


With deepest gratitude, I now give you James’ info: James Lyon, owner of Ilio Canine Care. Check out his website at http://www.iliocaninecare.com. James also has business pages on Facebook and Instagram.

14 thoughts on “A Trainer’s Tribute

  1. Maggie says:

    What a beautiful, heartfelt tribute. I am so, so heartsick for you and for your family. This loss is truly devastating. It’s never easy to lose a beloved dog, but this was too soon, too unfair, too cruel. I’ve been holding you in my heart and sending you wishes for peace during this incredibly difficult time.

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  2. Caren says:

    this had me crying all over again. What a special soul who wrote this. It reminded me of Levi’s trainer (who now has a new job but said that when he is settled where he is now working he will train Levi privately)…..he had told me he loves all dogs but there are a few, (like Levi and Bogie) that work their way into their hearts. My heart breaks also that Bogie never had a chance to see snow, that you didn’t get to enjoy him for many, many years. For some unknown reason that wasn’t a part of God’s plan. I still can’t wrap my head around this and I hurt for you so much. I am so happy you shared this with all of us. Hoping you frame it or something because it’s beautiful. Please give that person a hug from me.

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  3. Jan K says:

    This is so beautiful and made me cry too. I can see why you have become friends with James. I’m always thinking of you and sending big hugs. ♥

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  4. Sharon Hazelton says:

    Such a great heartfelt tribute to a sweet dog. I never met Bogie but got to know him thru become friends with his owner on FB. I have a cousin to Bogie and have shed a lot of tears over his loss. I look at my sweet Charlie and count my blessing that I got to know of Bogie thru messages on FB.with Sue. My Charlie loves the snow here in Michigan and I hope Bogies spirit is runningnin the snow next to Charlie. Rest in peace sweet Bogie.

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    • My Golden Life says:

      I hope you and I will meet one day, with Charlie at your side. I believe Bogie’s sweet spirit is running in the snow with Charlie, having a great time.


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