Happy Heavenly Birthday Callie!

Callie at about 3 months old.

Our sweet, independent girl! You are celebrating another birthday in Heaven. If you were still on earth, you would be 18 years old today. Hard to believe you were once a tiny ball of Golden fluff.

When I think back to your years here with us, I can’t recall a single moment of being anything but in love with you. You were such a good puppy. Easy to train and always happy.

When we brought Shadow home exactly six months after your first day with us, you appointed yourself her surrogate mama. Still just a pup yourself, you taught Shadow everything she needed to learn. And you protected her, nurtured her, and groomed her every day.

When I brought Ducky home from the shelter eight years later, you again took on the roll of surrogate mama. But you had your paws full with our little “demon dog”. It wasn’t until after you left us that I saw she had taken the lessons to heart. She made you (and me) very proud of her several times over her remaining seven years with us. Especially when she helped me raise Bogie last year. She was so very patient with him and his crazy puppy antics. Just as you had been with her.

You taught me so much about being a dog mom. So much more than I could ever put into words. I am forever grateful to you, sweet girl. You helped me raise you, Shadow and Ducky. Your patience with my mistakes in those early days taught me to be more patient with you, Shadow, Ducky, Radar, Bogie, and your daddy’s dementia-induced alter ego.

My sweet Callie. I started this blog to honor you and your life with us. As the years have come and gone, you were reunited with your soul sister, Shadow; met and welcomed your two brothers, Radar and Bogie; and were reunited with your baby sister, Ducky. I know you’re taking great care of them all for me. You were the best mother’s helper ever put on this earth. And you taught Ducky to follow in your paw prints. Now that you’re all together again, I will continue this blog to honor you all.


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