Big Brother, Little Sister

Zen is the big brother that every little sister dreams about during her naps. He plays with Zoey so I can do my little chores.

He stays with her when I have to leave the room for a minute or two, or more.

When Zoey is doing something she shouldn’t be doing – like chewing on the kitchen table or chairs – Zen distracts her for me so she’ll stop. Or if Zoey’s teething on my big toe (through the sock), Zen will nip on one of her paws. She lets out a little yelp and goes after his paw. I wish I had a video of it. I’ll keep trying.

Zoey is sweet and loving, and feisty. I keep getting this image in my head of her telling Ducky that “Mama talks about you all the time.” To which Ducky replies “that’s why we sent you.” She truly reminds me of Ducky as the little demon dog I brought home from the shelter a little over ten years ago.

And Zen, my adoring son. He has grown up so much in these four months since hubby was admitted to the hospital! He’s much taller, much heavier, and still thin but not lanky like Bogie was at this age. He’s all muscle. He weighed 72.4 pounds when I had him weighed at the end of October; I’d be willing to bet he’s closer to 76 pounds now. And he’s maturing mentally, too. He still likes giving me hugs like a human. He stands on his two back legs and puts his front legs around my waist. 😍

When I see Zen being so very patient with Zoey as she bites and pulls on his tail, or pulls on his chest furs, or steals his chew toy, it reminds me of Callie with Shadow; and later on Callie’s patience with the much younger Ducky. And the brother-sister relationship between Radar and Ducky; and then Ducky’s unending patience with and adoration of Bogie. Bogie was forever pestering Ducky, but she was unwavering in her patience with him even as she looked to me for help.

Oh, did I mention that Zen watches Zoey in her crate at night, while I’m getting ready for bed?

It’s so sweet the way Zen watches over Zoey!

I let them play in the kitchen together. That way if Zen gets too excited and forgets he’s not as little as she is, Zoey can run under one of the chairs where he can’t reach her. He’ll keep barking at her for a minute or two, but he does settle down. Then Zoey comes out of her safe place and they start playing again. πŸ’šπŸΎπŸ’œπŸΎ

Short clip but you can get the idea.

12 thoughts on “Big Brother, Little Sister

    • My Golden Life says:

      Definitely! And Zen is really a big help to me with her…when she starts teething on something she shouldn’t, Zen will start playing with her to distract her! He is really a GOOD boy!

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  1. Caren says:

    Zen is such a GOOD big brother and he is HUGE now!!! The really nice thing is Zoey will learn how to be a DOG…poor Levi, he moved in with a cat and never learned to play like a DOG lol. Zen has a beautiful soul and the PERFECT name for his “chill” aura!!! Zoey is a lucky girl!!

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    • My Golden Life says:

      Thankfully, Zen’s breeder is a very good friend who was able to take care of Zen for me those times when Sam’s dementia was at its worst. And with his own five Goldens around him, Zen couldn’t help but learn to be a dog. Yes, Zoey’s a lucky girl; but I’m the luckiest one in the house to have two such sweet puppies calling me “Mama”! πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸΎπŸΎ


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