Thankful for My Z Kids

On this second Thankful Thursday of 2023 – and truthfully, every day – I am thankful for my “Z Kids”, Zen and Zoey. They make missing their angel brothers and sisters much less painful for me.

Big Brother/Little Sister Mutual Adoration Society

Sometimes they exasperate me to the end of my patience rope so that I have to tie a new knot and hang on. Yet they seem to know somehow that I’m still grieving (the losses I suffered in 2022) and forgive my outbursts. Especially when I instantly melt into tears of apology.

Most times they make me laugh with their puppy antics or crazy sleeping positions.

Kitchen Playtime
In my lap in my recliner
After-play nap time

Good Riddance 2022! Welcome 2023! And thank you Ducky and Bogie for picking the two perfect puppies for your grieving mama. They make me laugh and smile when I need it most. And they give me kisses when my tears flow.

Normally I would add the paragraph and links here to join the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop; but my phone’s WordPress app has been a pain in the arse these last few months when I try to do so. So I’ll just say go to our host’s blog at and link your own post from there.

10 thoughts on “Thankful for My Z Kids

  1. Jan K says:

    Puppies can be challenging, to say the least! Max and Copper are constantly under my feet….or just in front of me poking along slowly when I need to get somewhere! But yes, they make up for it with their love and kisses. β™₯

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  2. Cat and DOG Chat With Caren says:

    I was just cursing my brains out at Levi yesterday when he wouldn’t behave on a walk with our neighbor. He just looked at me and stood up and put his paws on me like “Calm down Mom, I know you’re stressed and you’re yelling at me because of that, but you still love me” I always feel guilty when he helps increase my stress and I always apologize after yelling at him. Zen and Zoey are the cutest ever!!! Nothing like unconditional love to help with pain. (((hugs))))

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    • My Golden Life says:

      So absolutely true!!!

      And a good 2023 for you all as well! Sorry it started out so crappy with your laptop!! I had to laugh about the password – was it possibly your favorite word that starts with an “f”, ends with a “k”, and rhymes with “duck”? 🀣 Hope the tech has been able to retrieve and save all your data!!!


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