Angels with Paws

After all the tears, stress, and losses last year, I needed puppies in my life again, so I’m thankful for these two sweethearts. They keep me company while I’m home, and wait eagerly for me to come back when I have to leave.

Zen is – and always will be – my sunshine boy. He was the bright spot in my life, my sunshine, before he was even born last year. He knows when I need a hug, or just to have him at my feet. He’s not the snuggler that Bogie was; but, like Ducky, he will snuggle with me in his own way and time. And those unexpected snuggles are even sweeter and more precious as a result.

Such a sweet boy!
Mama’s Big Boy

And Zoey is my precious little girl, the starlight in my heart. She’s been growing a little at a time – which is better for her as well as for me – so I can still pick her up when I want to. And, like her older brother, angel Bogie, she loves to snuggle with me. She is truly a cuddle buddy. And Zen gets a little jealous at times.

My Snuggle Sweetie
My Baby Girl

I’m thankful, too, that these two love each other and have bonded so well with each other. They act like big brother and little sister most times, squabbling over a toy or rough-housing. But they also snuggle with each other. They remind me of Ducky and Radar, and Ducky and Bogie. Siblings and best friends at the same time.

πŸΎπŸ’š Playtime πŸ’œπŸΎ
Wrestling in the kitchen

These two hooligans are my angels with paws. They are, at times, more devil than angel; but what puppy isn’t?! Ducky and Bogie knew exactly what I needed and that these two would fill that need.

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13 thoughts on “Angels with Paws

  1. fruitcrmble says:

    thank you for sharing your beautiful and precious pups.

    can i ask where you got your sweatshirt from? I love it.

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    • My Golden Life says:

      Actually, it’s a t-shirt and I got it from an online marketer but I can’t remember the company’s name. (It’s been a while since I ordered the shirt.) If I come across them again, I’ll send you their name.


    • My Golden Life says:

      I don’t know why the “happiness engineers” can’t upgrade the mobile apps to allow for “classic” blocks within the newer blocks. It’s a pain in the derriΓ¨re to have to “fire up” the laptop in order to insert the linky tool links. If I wanted to write/edit my blog posts on my desktop or laptop, I wouldn’t have the mobile apps on my iPhone and iPad. 😠


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