The Best Kind of Mother’s Day

Well, today is Mother’s Day, so let me wish ALL the mothers out there a wonderful day! 💐 Heck, Happy Mother’s Day to everyone whether you are one or not!!

Around this house, it’s also a very special day for the three of us….

It’s ZEN’S first annual Gotcha Day!! His Daddy and I brought him home for the very first time on this day last year. He was such an adorable little guy! He’s still adorable in a grown-up way! 💚🐾

Mama’s Little Zen Puppy

And, it’s also ZOEY’S first half-year Gotcha Day! I brought her home for the very first time six months ago today. She was adorable that day and still is! And just as sweet and sassy as she was that day I brought her home (while their Uncle Doug stayed with her big brother, Zen). 💜🐾

Mama’s Baby Girl

They can be challenging and exhausting at times, but I love them to the ends of the universe and back! And I certainly could not ask for or hope for any sweeter, more loving pups! The bonus is that they adore and are adored by each other. They are typical young siblings, but when all is quiet, they can still be found snuggled up together.

💚 Such sweet snuggle buddies! 💜

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