A thunderstorm woke me up at 2:15 this morning. Normally I sleep right through them now that Callie is in heaven. This one was different.

I’ve been opening the bedroom window at night these past several nights and letting the cool air in. But when I awoke to the storm, Shadow was pacing in the small space between the bed and the bookshelf that sits on the floor beneath the window. 

Shadow has never been afraid of thunderstorms before; but she was definitely uncomfortable earlier. So, half asleep, I got out of bed and closed the window.  That helped a little, but she was still upset. I invited her up on the bed, and after a momentary hesitation she jumped up. 

Meanwhile, we got a loud clap of thunder and Ducky barked at it. I smiled in the darkness and she stopped. But Shadow moved closer to me. I turned on to my side and put my arm over her shoulders. After a few minutes she finally let out a deep sigh and relaxed.

The storm ended about half an hour later, but my sweet Golden baby is still on the bed even now. She’s fast asleep. And I’m wide awake, though yawning as I type this post. I’m glad she feels safe at my side; but I wonder what it was about this storm that made her feel so uncomfortable?  And what was it about this storm that woke me up? Maybe in my sleepy state I felt Shadow’s discomfort and knew she needed my reassurance that all was well?