Sleepy Sunday Morning

The girls and I played hard yesterday. 

Chasing each other around the yard, playing fetch with the ChuckIt! ball, and playing keep-away with the Bounzer. 

And the girls ran the fence line back and forth a few times with Jupiter on one side and Baby and Toby on the other side.

Now it’s nap time again


 They look so sweet and innocent. Because they are. And they’re my furry “babies”. I love my girls.

8 thoughts on “Sleepy Sunday Morning

  1. Susanne Holleman says:

    Mine are laid out, too! Only, they’re on their mattresses. They were out all morning while we were gone, and they are pooped! It’s funny how they look so innocent when they are sleeping after playing so hard ;).

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  2. Jan K says:

    I love it! Our crew is looking about the same right now. As I look at the photo of Shadow and see Sheba from where I’m sitting, their poses are quite similar! Sheba likes to lie on the cool floor at the top of the stairs though, while Cricket and Luke hold the couch down.
    Dad usually plays with them on the weekend, and since it’s been warmer they got a longer play session yesterday morning and this morning (I’ve been busy packing!). It’s funny, because he told me Luke and Sheba spent some time running the fence line yesterday too…but they were smelling wildlife (we have a fox that goes through the yard often).

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    • My Golden Life says:

      “Sheba likes to lie on the cool floor…” OMD, that was Callie! Though she would get comfortable on the bed, couch, or dog beds, she mostly preferred the bathroom and kitchen linoleum. She used to spend more time on the bathroom floor than anywhere else in the house, with her back against the tub, especially during the hot summer months. πŸ˜‡


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