Sunny Saturday

After several days of overcast skies and thunderstorm-filled late nights, we finally have a most-welcome visitor: Mr. Sun! And he’s supposed to stick around for the whole weekend.

Anyway, not one to miss an opportunity to spend time outdoors, I brought the girls back out in the yard – along with their yard toys – so the three of us can enjoy the sunshine. 

The girls are watching our neighbor mow his back lawn. They were barking at the lawn mower for a little while but have both settled down.

I’m just sitting here soaking up the sun and fresh air while I can. Once mid May rolls around it’ll probably be too hot and muggy to stay out here all day.

8 thoughts on “Sunny Saturday

  1. Jan K says:

    Oh, you’re so lucky!! We’re getting snow again. 😦 The dogs are happy anyway, and had fun out there playing in it. I sent Dad out there this time – I’m hibernating in protest again. Not that it does any good!

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