Just Me and My Shadow

To look at Shadow today, you would never know she was feeling a bit under the weather this past weekend.

Poor Shadow had a slightly upset digestive tract this past weekend. Thankfully, it only manifested itself via the back end so I didn’t have to call the vet via his smartphone. A few Imodium tablets – broken in half – and a slight change of diet had her feeling better by Sunday night. 

I did take her to the vet on Monday morning, though, as a precautionary measure. After all, next Sunday is her half-year birthday. (And Callie’s second birthday in Heaven.) My sweet girl isn’t getting any younger. 

We decided to keep her on the blander diet for a while, just to help her system stabilize. We’ll keep track of her weight, too, because the vet feels she lost a little too much weight since her annual exam in January. He did a thorough hands-on exam of her abdominal area and everything felt fine, no change. So we’re increasing her daily calories a bit. We don’t want her losing any more muscle mass than an aging dog normally would lose.

After taking Ducky to daycare and having breakfast with hubby this morning, I put Shadow’s harness on her and we went to the ballfield across the road for a walk. Just the two of us. We walked around the field twice and came home. Then we came out to the back yard to play. 

Again. Just me and my Shadow. I love this sweet Golden Girl. She lights up my days and sweetens my nights. My sunshine comes from the love light in her eyes. 

11 thoughts on “Just Me and My Shadow

  1. easyweimaraner says:

    POTP and hugs to you Shadow… I hope everything is ok, now and the diet helps to bring all systems back to normal…. and we hope for a lot of days with sunshine straight from her eyes :o)

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  2. Jan K says:

    Sorry to hear Shadow was under the weather, but so glad she is doing better! There is nothing like that special Mom & Me time – I’m sure she enjoyed it just as much as you did. ♥

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    • My Golden Life says:

      Hi! I believe she did enjoy it. Now my poor girl is limping a little bit. I think it might be her arthritis – she stumbled a little coming up the steps last night, and a little when she went after her ball this morning; but it didn’t stop her from playing all day. ❤️


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