Pot Pourri Friday

Usually, when we get to a certain point in the ride down to daycare, Ducky will start barking at people at the gas station on the corner.

This morning she just chilled out on the back seat. So, since we were waiting at the red light, I grabbed my phone and took this pic….

Isn’t she adorable with that head tilt? And, oh! Those ears! Those ears still “get” me every. damn. time!

And, lest we forget Shadow….how could I ever forget my sweet Golden Girl?! 

With Ducky at daycare, we girls can relax in the shade of the carport. The sun is HOT this afternoon. At least for this time of year. Shadow is resting on the driveway.  I wonder if she’s thinking about Callie – like I am – and all the fun times they spent in the yard together?

In this pic, they were resting after a game of keep-away/catch-me-if-you-can. That was their favorite game out here in the yard. Sometimes I played with them; other times I just watched them play together. 

8 thoughts on “Pot Pourri Friday

  1. jank1961 says:

    What wonderful photos! Oh yes, those Ducky ears are something else. And Shadow does look as if she might be thinking of her sister…happy memories. ❀️

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